You don’t know me, but…I’m your colleague.

Here are a few words from some of the people Ad Relief has helped over the years:



[Advertising is] a very competitive dog-eat-dog business, and I really didn’t think anybody cared. I found out they did.




There have been a lot of hurdles over the last 5 years. The return of cancer, more surgeries and debilitating side effects from medications. But through it all, Ad Relief has been there for me.



Although this time was difficult for me, when I look back on it now, it was a very blessed time. And Ad Relief was one of those blessings.



I was robbed and assaulted just blocks from the office late one evening. In the hospital I found out that I would not be able to pay all my medical care, and that’s when I discovered Ad Relief. Without their financial assistance, things would have been even more difficult for me.



Having the support of professionals like me —knowing that somebody really cared — made me feel secure.